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Ercol Furniture


Ercol Furniture Ltd. is a third-generation family business founded in 1920, which designs, manufactures and sells furniture for the living, dining and bedroom space in the home. Like many businesses, Ercol had implemented a legacy system around the year 2000, when the Millennium Bug was a major concern for the industry.


Despite the business changing significantly since the original implementation, the legacy system had not been developed further, with the system ultimately being sold onto another vendor. Ercol, therefore, found themselves one of only approximately 25 users of the software remaining in the UK. The business had, therefore, become reliant on an increasing number of offline systems (mainly spreadsheets) to support processes. A specialist CRM solution had also been implemented to support Customer Service processes, but this was not integrated with other systems.


AHC was engaged, as independent ERP consultants, to help the business through the process of defining its requirements for a new ERP system, evaluating potential system options and supporting the implementation of the chosen solution.