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There is an ever increasing volume of new IT systems all promising broad functionality to address the needs of the modern business.  However, research shows that most businesses do not achieve the expected benefit from their IT investments.

This makes choosing a new system a daunting prospect .

As a result of this, and perhaps their own bad experiences, many businesses decide to "make do" with ageing legacy systems, despite their shortcomings, rather than risk the cost, disruption and pain involved in selecting and implementing a new system.

Our role is to help you through this process, avoid the pitfalls involved, and to successfully select and implement the right systems to support your business and its future growth.

Our Approach

Fundamentally, we do not take on a "systems project".

To successfully select and implement a modern IT system that delivers tangible business benefit, requires a broader, holistic approach. This is where we feel we are a different to other ERP consultancies, who focus only on systems.

We utilise our broader business and management skills and experience to help you consider all the key aspects that will impact a successful systems project, including:

  • Strategy - your goals and objectives - what you are looking to achieve as a business
  • Processes - opportunities for improving existing ways of working that can help you achieve your goals
  • People - potential changes to the organisational structure and skills within the business that may be needed
  • Change management - a plan for managing the impact this will have on the people within your business 

By considering all of these critical aspects, we not only identify the critical systems requirements of your business, we also help you to "de-risk" the project and maximise the potential benefits possible.

True Independence

In the ever-increasing IT marketplace, many vendors are offering consultants referral fees for successful contracts, so obtaining a truly independent viewpoint is becoming harder for clients to find.

By working with AHC, you can be assured of the independence you are looking for. Whilst we have an excellent relationship with all the leading software providers, we do not have any affiliation with them and never accept referral fees.

Examples of projects we get involved in:

  • Systems health checks - helping you determine whether existing systems are fit-for-purpose, and identifying improvement opportunities for getting more from an existing system
  • System upgrade / migration / replacement decisions and business case development
  • ERP system selection - requirements specification, system/vendor evaluation,contract negotiation
  • ERP Implementation project management - support to help you ensure the project runs smoothly
  • Change management support - ensuring you get buy-in to a new system and overcoming potential obstacles to success
  • Post implementation audits - reviewing whether the system is delivering the benefits originally identified
  • Project rescue / salvage - helping you recover projects that have gone off track

Example projects



Provide queue management solutions to customers in over 150 countries.

UK and US sites, CRM and sales, new product development, manufacturing and distribution.

Addressing the challenges of identifying a system to meet the differing demands (and culture) between UK and US sites

J&E Hall


One of the world’s foremost refrigeration solution providers.  Part of the Daikin Group.

Supply and deliver a complete end-to-end service from design and manufacture to installation, maintenance and on-going support. 

Multiple UK sites and businesses, product design and development, project management, manufacturing, installation, after-sales service, spares management.



The UK's leading supplier of parts for excavators and earth-moving machines

Family owned business, incorporating assembly and distribution, after-sales service, repair and re-work.

Multiple warehouses, fast-turnaround customer service requirement

What our clients say

 "The experience and knowledge that AHC collectively have on reviewing business systems/processes and ERP selection is first class, and upon coming in to the business they inserted a level of unquestionable confidence with staff across all levels, which in hindsight was vital for such a project. " 

 "AHC provided the business with a strategic plan and a comprehensive approach to the ERP selection process. The project was completed in the agreed timeframe and throughout the process the AHC team were fully engaged with us and committed to our ultimate objective. They had a good command over our project and were both personable and a pleasure to work with." 

 “AHC were engaged to work with us because of their knowledge of the ERP market place. They were seen as an independent consultancy, not aligned to any of the package vendors – a consultancy able to examine the needs of the business from a truly subjective viewpoint. We set very demanding, some might say ‘unrealistic’, targets in terms of time scale and cost and AHC rose to the challenge." 

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