Strategy and planning

Practical, effective support for developing, implementing and managing strategy

Strategic planning is crucial to all businesses regardless of size. Our role is to drill down into your business and help you develop a plan that will help you define and achieve your business objectives, and provide a robust process for managing and reporting on this so that you can understand where success or failure has come from and take corrective action in a timely manner. 

Together with your senior management team, our experienced facilitators will create the environment for discussions in planned interactive workshops with the key members of your team.

Our approach is straightforward.

  1. Review - we look at you as you currently are, not just in your eyes but in the view of your customers.
  2. Vision - define "what good looks like" in the future - what you want to achieve as a business
  3. Plan - ensure all the key components are in place to make your vision happen, assessing priorities, what has to change and what systems need to be put in place
  4. Manage -  set targets, assign accountability, implement a robust management system
  5. Review and Refresh – improvement has to be an ongoing process, which needs to be constantly reviewed. We are here to support you on this continuous journey

We have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes to develop their strategic plans - including family businesses, law firms, manufacturers and numerous not-for-profit/membership-based organisations.

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