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Manufacturing Process Improvement, Systems Implementation, and Change Management


The UK manufacturing industry is facing many new challenges and opportunities in a changing marketplace. We have a proven track record over the past 25 years of helping manufacturers to achieve this in a range of areas, which we have summarised below.

Process Improvement and Lean Manufacturing

Process and manufacturing improvements can be quickly achieved through embracing Lean Manufacturing principles and implementing basic tools and technique to continually drive efficiency improvements.

Our team has helped a wide range of clients to achieve this, for example through the introduction of simple techniques such as Root Cause Analysis and 5S, together with visual reporting systems to monitor performance and encourage Continuous Improvement.

Effective Implementation of Technology and Systems

Embracing modern digital technology is also a key enabler for manufacturers to operate in a more effective and efficient way and drive growth and profitability.

The benefits of technology, if implemented effectively, are clear, and provide the ability to improve design and production processes, streamline internal processes, and communicate more effectively with suppliers and customers.

However, research consistently shows that the majority of manufacturers fail to achieve full benefits when implementing ERP and other IT systems. Many manufacturers also continue to work around the constraints of legacy systems rather than take on the cost, time and risks associated with selecting and implementing a modern solution better suited to their requirements, thereby limiting their own growth potential.

We help manufacturers address these challenges and implement effective systems that enable more efficient processes and better utilisation of skills to drive business growth and improve profitability.

Industry 4.0 and “The Internet of Things”

Digitisation of manufacturing is the latest “big thing”, with many companies looking to embrace Industry 4.0 principles, but often not fully understanding the concept, or how to apply it practically.

Whilst Industry 4.0 itself is still evolving, it cannot be ignored. Manufacturers need to be planning ahead for the implications it brings to their businesses, both in terms of investment in technology and the changes to the traditional skills required within a manufacturing business.

We provide practical support to help understand the potential of Industry 4.0 and to apply it to your business.

Change Management

A structured approach is required to manage the changes involved in making business improvements, but this is often overlooked or over-simplified by businesses, who feel it can be managed without a formal plan.

We support clients to engage their workforce in embracing change and new ways of working, and to proactively contribute to driving further improvements.

Our Track Record

We have provided some examples of the manufacturing clients we have worked with, together with some summary case studies, but please do contact us to discuss how we can help your manufacturing business.


Example Projects:


Leading global supplier of vehicle cleaning products to trade clients.

Identify ERP system options. Engage the business at all levels, supporting the Business Change team.

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UK furniture manufacturer

ERP requirements definition, ERP system evaluation and selection; ERP implementation project management

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UK manufacturer of high-quality electrical connectors, EMC shielding and PCB hardware. Rapidly growing business, implementing Industry 4.0 principles

Process review, ERP requirements definition, ERP system evaluation & selection, ERP implementation support

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J & E Hall

One of the world’s foremost refrigeration solution providers, offering a single source of supply and delivery from design and manufacture to installation, maintenance and on-going support

ERP requirements definition, ERP system evaluation and selection

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Queue management specialists

ERP requirements definition, ERP system evaluation and selection

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Design and manufacture photonic products and solutions for industrial manufacturing, medical and life sciences, defence, aerospace and R&D

Process analysis; ERP requirements definition; ERP system evaluation and selection; ERP implementation project management

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Norman Hay

A global chemicals, sealants, surface coatings and engineering group providing Surface Coatings, Impregnation Sealants and Process Plant

ERP requirements definition, ERP system evaluation and selection

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