Process Improvement

Practical support to help streamline your business

Most businesses recognise the need for streamlined and effective processes and the impact they have on margins and being competitive. However, many struggle to identify the opportunities for improving internal processes, which are often being constrained by the limitations of existing systems and internal mindsets of people who have only know how things are currently done.

Our role is to help you:

  • identify the potential improvements possible
  • quantify the benefits this could provide
  • identify the potential barriers to change (e.g. existing systems or people who could be resistant to change)
  • develop and implement a plan for managing the change

Our approach ensures that any changes are linked to your overall business strategy and to the delivery of your key objectives, ensuring you are able to quantify and measure the benefits achieved.

We also consider the supporting technology requirements that will be required to support new processes, and the impact on the people within your business - ensuring that they buy-in to any changes and are part of the change process.

Areas of process improvement we have experience of include:

  • benchmarking against best practice
  • continuous improvement
  • lean manufacturing
  • training teams in simple process improvement tools and techniques
  • process mapping and use case development
  • change management

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