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A Track Record of Providing Tailored Support to Membership-based organisations

We have spent many years working with many of the UK’s leading membership organisations which has enabled us to develop and grow a wide range of services tailored specifically for not-for-profit organisations and their members.

Our membership services are specifically designed to help:

  • drive membership growth
  • improve membership retention and loyalty
  • gain the maximum from your membership’s core team

We help you achieve this through:

  • Research to gain feedback from current, lapsed and prospective members
    • Understanding their issues
    • Evaluating the awareness, use and relevance of your services and benefits
    • Gaining feedback on your communication channels – website, publications, e-newsletters, social media  etc.
    • Finding out why  members lapse and conversely, why they stay
  • Speaking with your internal team
    • Comparing your perspectives with the thoughts of your members
    • Learning from your experience and knowledge
    • Identifying potential skills gaps, process improvement opportunities or system issues that are constraining your ability to full understand and fulfil member needs
  • Developing and implementing a plan
    • Reviewing our findings with you
    • Aligning services and benefits with member issues
    • Identifying potential gaps in support where you can introduce new services/benefits
    • Segmenting your membership to enable you to tailor the support for different groups
    • Prioritising activities - identifying the "quick wins" and recognising you cannot do everything at once

Our support is designed to provide you with the information to implement the necessary changes to ensure your members are fully engaged, recognise the value from their subscriptions and, ideally, become champions for membership of your organisation.

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