There is an ever-increasing number of new ERP systems all promising broad functionality to address the needs of the modern business.  However, research continues to show that most businesses do not achieve the expected benefit from their  investments in ERP and other IT systems. This can make selecting and implementing a new ERP system a daunting prospect.

As a result of this, and perhaps their own bad experiences, many businesses decide to “make do” with ageing legacy ERP systems, despite their shortcomings, rather than risk the cost, disruption and pain involved in selecting and implementing a new ERP system.

Our role is to help you through this process, avoid the pitfalls involved, and to successfully select and implement the right system (or systems) to support your business and its future growth.

Our Approach to ERP System Selection and Implementation

Fundamentally, we do not take on a ‘systems project’.

We believe that in order to successfully select and implement a modern ERP system that delivers tangible business benefit, requires a broader, holistic approach.

This is where we feel we are different from other ERP consultants, as we provide a broader range of skills and experience to help you address all the key aspects that will impact a successful ERP project, including: