Support where and when you need it

About AHC

We provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals and ambitions.

We utilise the experience we have gained to help you address specific problems facing your business.

Our aim has been to take our "big consultancy" experience, and to deliver this in a smaller, more customer-focused and effective package.

At AHC, it is less about "blue sky thinking" and more about providing you with practical support where and when you need it.

Our Core Team

Jacqueline Allman

Jacqueline started her career as an engineer, and held consulting roles with Ingersoll Engineers, Logica and AT & T Istel, prior to founding AHC.

Early project experience included the use of dynamic simulation modelling of manufacturing facilities, project management of large research projects and manufacturing consultancy.

Jacqueline has also lectured and managed external courses and teaching company programmes at the University of Warwick.

Jacqueline managed 6 Government-supported industry sector challenges, and led a DTI Mission to Japan with the UK Metalforming sector.

Jacqueline now predominantly focuses on helping our clients maximise the benefits they obtain from IT investments - particularly ERP and CRM systems. This work involves:

  • Requirements definition
  • System evaluation and selection
  • Project management of system implementations

Jacqueline Allman, Director, AHC

Jacqueline Allman, Director, AHC

Grenville Allman, Director, AHC

Grenville Allman

Following a combined business and engineering degree, Grenville worked in business development in the UK and at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation in Stuttgart, prior to joining AHC.

Early projects at AHC focused on the new opportunities created by the launch of the Internet, developing a range of web services to support clients trying to get to grasps with a completely new technology.

Grenville also worked on 3 industry sector benchmarking programmes working with trade associations representing the valve manufacturing, fluid power and metalforming sectors in the UK.

Since then, Grenville has used this initial experience and gone on to support many not-for-profit bodies and charities. The focus for these projects has been helping them to grow their membership, and improve retention through improvements in the services and benefits they offer their members and through more effective communications and efficient processes.

Grenville has also helped a wide range of businesses to make effective IT investments and has worked with clients ranging from small, family-based businesses to large multi-national organisations.